Auto Body Q & A:

Will a scratch in my paint lead to rust down the road?

YES!!! It is always a good idea to have us look at it and determine if it’s a harmless scratch or one that will turn into rust.

How can I prevent my undercarriage from rusting so quickly?

Rust is hard to avoid in our climate! Things to help reduce the wear and tear on your undercarriage includes but is not limited to, spraying down the undercarriage after you take the vehicle out in weather that would expose it to salt and keep the vehicle in a dry garage.

I was in an accident, what do I do?

First gather all the information from all parties involved. Next, call in the claim.
Finally, CALL US!!!!

** **The importance of calling us is we make this extremely annoying and inconveniencing situation as hassle free as possible. Insurance company’s will set everything up for you on the phone and then you get stuck trying to go to this place and that place and then get a ride here to there just to drop off your vehicle; then you have to go throughout it all again when its time for you to pick up your vehicle. Call us first so we can walk you through the process and make it as seamless as possible!!!!

I need a rental car while my vehicle is being worked on, can you help?

Yes we make the process as seamless as possible! We will 1- make sure you have rental coverage, 2- set up your appointment for you, 3- upon return of the rental just hand the keys over and we take care of the rest! SEAMLESS!!!

How do you match the new paint with my existing paint ?

We have a PPG paint mixing system that mixes custom colors according to your vehicles paint code. Each paint code has alternatives (different shades) that we have to go through before finding the one that matches each vehicle. Any abutting panel to the newly painted panels is blended in to make all the panels match!

Mechanical Q & A :

Which engine oil should I use for my vehicle?

There are many options when choosing the correct engine oil for the car owner these days. Sometimes the owner can decide which one to use but most often the vehicle manufacturer decides which is best for the vehicle. There are many brands to choose from, the biggest question is whether or not you need to use conventional, synthetic, or synthetic blend oil for the engine. Then the next question is what viscosity to recommended i.e. 5W-20, 5W-30 etc.. Most owner manuals will provide this information, but if you need more assistance give us a call.

How often should I change my oil?

Typically if you use conventional oil it should be changed every 3,000 miles. If you are using a synthetic blend oil we would recommend 4,000 miles. A fully synthetic oil we recommend every 5,000 miles.

When should I rotate my tires?

Most passenger cars, SUV’s, crossovers, and light trucks require a tire rotation between 10,000- 15,000 miles. We recommend rotations based on tire wear patterns.

What do I do – my check engine light came on?

Your check engine light comes on when either your engine control computer or power train computer has detected a problem in one or more of its systems.

If the vehicle is demonstrating normal operation MOST of the time it is okay to drive the vehicle home or to a service station. But should be looked at asap to determine if it is a problem that could lead to major repairs needed.

If the vehicle is NOT driving normally or running rough, it is safest to limit the use of the vehicle until a qualified mechanic can verify that it is or is not safe to drive.