Auto Body



Were you in an accident and now need help with the process?

Are you paying out of pocket for that hit and run a couple years ago?

Did that mailbox jump out and hit the back of your car?

INSURANCE CLAIMS: we work will ALL insurance carriers- no matter what!

Call us with your claim number and let us do the work for you! NO HASSLE!!

We Will Happily:

  • Contact your insurance company and obtain all the need to know information,
  • If applicable and desired, book your rental car
  • Have your rental car meet you the date and time of your repair appointment
  • Provide you with email updates
  • Stay on top of all the necessities and make all those pesky phone calls,
  • Call, email, or text you when your vehicle is all set and ready for pick up
  • Send your Repair Certification Form out after your repairs have been completed

Let us help you either way, the whole way through the process!!!

At Sha-Nic Auto Body and Repair, INC we understand the frightening and frustrating situations that arise. We will walk you through the process and make sure you have an understanding of whatever situation you come to us with.

Our Auto Body Shop uses a couple pieces of equipment worthy of mentioning:

  • The PPG Mixing System is used to match paint colors.
  • Car-O-Liner Unibody Frame Machine is used to repair frame damage

Sha-Nic Auto Body & Repair Inc.Mark Evans, Owner & Master Auto Body Technician

Proud owner and master of his trade, Mark Evans, graduated from the Auto Body Program with the Class of 1974 from South Easton Regional Vocational High School. Mark spent 14 years working in the field before opening his own business. Struggling to find a name for his new adventure Mark and his wife JoAnne decided to take the first three letters of their daughters first names, Shanna and Nicole, to come up with Sha-Nic Auto Body & Repair, INC!

The company was established in Hanson, MA and shortly after Mark moved the company to Lakeville, where it has been since 1985.

Sha-Nic Auto Body & Repair Inc.Sha-Nic Auto Body & Repair Inc.body-shop-after